18th century salon

Possible uses : cocktail restaurant

18th century salon is a space of the Hostel of Lisleferme
In the wall of the 18th century salon, there is a lot of carved panelling
The 18th century salon is a space of the Museum of Bordeaux - Science and nature

37 sq.m
Up to 19 guests

Welcome to our 18th century salon situated inside the Hôtel de Lisleferme, the building that houses the Museum of Bordeaux collections. This oval salon is the only room that was fully preserved when the building was turned into a museum in the 19th century. This newly renovated room is replete with period architectural features. The elegant space is lighted by a magnificent chandelier which once hung in Bordeaux’ opera house. The sculpted panels, depicting the four seasons and attributed to the Bordeaux sculptor Cabirol, have been restored to their former glory.
The 18th century salon is available for seminars and meetings of around 20 people.