Bear and friends

Target audience
Young visitors
The Museum of natural history of Bordeaux – Science and nature propose off-site workshops about differents topics like teddy bear. His device The Museum comes to you propose children to discover the natura and animals in their school or leisure centre.

Nursery and primary to Year 2

What child doesn't love a story about a bear? Lots of children can't sleep without hugging their favourite teddy in their arms.

The bear is big, strong and powerful, but fascinating and cuddly too with its good-natured air and thick fur. It even likes to stand up on its legs, just like us! But watch out: a bear is extremely solitary and can become ferocious. It’s also the biggest carnivore on land. In its territory, bears fear nothing or no-one – except humans.

With a stuffed bear as a guide, children will learn more about these well-known mammals. During workshops led by a facilitator or supervised by a teacher, children will cover several aspects related to the bear: what's the difference between a teddy bear and a real bear? How can you tell apart the different species of bear around the world? What do they eat? How many young does a bear give birth to? What do they do in winter? Are bears as cuddly as your teddy bear?

For the first part of the session, children will learn about a bear’s physical characteristics. Specimens from the collections and other objects will be shown to spark discussions about the bear’s behaviour (movement, diet, life span, bear’s relationship with humans).

The second part of the session is given over to activities. They provide a fun way to dig deeper into the topics already discussed.

Workshop aims:

  • Describe and know about the bear’s morphology and compare it to soft toys
  • Learn about its diet, reproduction and behaviour
  • Discover its place in nature
  • Listen to a story and discuss it after
  • Tell the difference between real life and fiction
  • Learn how to use children’s reference books

During the workshop, the facilitator will present a slideshow and a selection from the Museum of Bordeaux collections including a stuffed black bear, skulls and footprint casts. Children will also get to work with learning resources specially devised or assembled for the session.

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The workshop about teddy bear of The Museum comes to you is for young persons. They can discover topics outside of The Museum of natural history of Bordeaux – Science and nature.
Nursery and primary to Year 2