Tracks and clues

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Off-site workshops of device The Museum comes to you, propose to discover topics linked to animals and nature. The Museum of natural history of Bordeaux – Science and nature invite also to discover exhibitions and in situ offers about the place of men in nature and the nature as seen by humans.

Public activities, children from aged 5

It’s not always easy to spot animals in the wild! Most animals are shy and discreet, flee when humans approach, lurk in the bushes or only come out at night, so it’s important to be patient.

However, there are often traces or clues indicating that an animal has passed through, such as footprints, tracks, droppings, spider webs, nests, feathers, leftover meals, bones and other signs.

The ‘Tracks and clues!’ workshop takes a look at all these different elements which prove that small and large creatures live all around us even though we might not know it. With reference to a slideshow presenting specimens from the museum collections, participants will discover clues for spotting six animals that can be seen both in the city and the countryside.

This activity is sure to spark the curiosity of participants and encourage them to take a moment to look around their local environment and see what secrets it is hiding!

Workshop aims:

  • Learn to observe animal traces in the wild
  • Propose theories
  • Better understand the behaviour of some animals in France
  • Learn about the concept of ecological balance

During the workshop, the facilitator will present stuffed specimens from the Museum of Bordeaux collections including the Eurasian teal, song thrush, little owl, red squirrel, wood mouse and European hedgehog. But also casts of footprints and droppings, different traces and clues, a slideshow and specially devised activities.

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The Museum of Bordeaux specialized in natural history propose off-site workshops. Discover topics linked to nature and animals with the device The Museum comes to you. Animals naturalized, collections, others specimens will be presented during this animation.
Public activities, children from aged 5