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Jangala, au cœur de la jungle indienne
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From 21 to 25 March 2022, the IBSM Fashion and Marketing School teamed up with the Museum of Bordeaux to hold a workshop for first-year fashion design undergraduates. At the workshop, the students had to come up with clothes designs inspired by animals, minerals or flowers.

The garments also had to pay tribute to fashion designer Alber Elbaz and his very feminine, glamorous and organic creations for French fashion house Lanvin.

Textile know-how and biodiversity intersected in the great couturier’s iconic drapes and the innovative textures applied to a simple product like a blank canvas: the T-shirt. The emphasis was on the richness of the ornamentation and motifs.

The students spent a day at the Museum looking at its animal, plant and mineral specimens for inspiration.

Following their visit, they had four days to produce their designs. The workshop ended with an oral presentation before a jury, comprised of members of the IBSM and the Museum.

Come and take a look at their designs!