Us and them: from prejudice to racism

Jangala, au cœur de la jungle indienne
Nous et les autres, des préjugés au racisme
Tous les bébés
Mange-moi, si tu peux !
Littoral aquitain
La nature vue par les Hommes
Exhibition type
Target audience
General public


10 May 2022 at 12:15pm
Visit followed by a cocktail reception

The exhibition Us and Them is at the crossroads of anthropology, biology, sociology and history. It looks to studies carried out by researchers in human and social sciences. The exhibition visit is suitable for any age, and looks to decipher why and how such phenomena were able to occur at a particular time in societies’ history.

Through an original immersive exhibition design, the public is invited to understand the individual and collective mechanisms that lead to rejecting “others” and become aware of discriminations in French society today. It opens doors to understanding, encouraging us to shift our personal reflection to deconstruct prejudices that may sometimes prevail.

There are three sections in the visit: perception, awareness and reflection. The way the visit is organised enables the visitor to absorb the intention in stages: from the prologue (what steers us individually) to the epilogue (what we can do through personal, collective, and institutional actions). 

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