The Museum team

Come in the Museum of natural history to discover the Museum’s team and on YouTube withe the fantastic team.

At the helm of the Museum of Bordeaux is a dedicated team of around 20 staff committed to one common goal: to make our collections accessible to all in order to raise awareness of the importance of protecting our planet.

To achieve this goal, we rely on expertise in lots of different and cross-disciplinary areas, from exhibit management and design to communications, education and even joinery.

Creating adapted content, running off-site workshops, preserving and installing collections, building furniture and promoting the museum are just some of the responsibilities carried out by this energetic team who are busy behind the scenes bringing the Museum of Bordeaux to life.

Museum of Bordeaux – Senior Management

Who is Laurant Lachaud ?

Collections Conservation Service

Discover Laurent Charles

Learning Service

The learning service create devices for children

Exhibitions Department

Pauline and Ana create a lot of new exhibitions

Development, Sponsorship and Communications Department

If you contact the Development, Sponsorship and Communications Service, Victoire will be your point of contact!

Administration Department

Guillaume takes your 'Museum comes to you' booking. A desire to see the Museum of Bordeaux in your school ?

Technical Department

Cyril create the podium for the exhibition Africa