Découvrez l'exposition Nous et les autres

From 11 may 2022 to 5 february 2023
Inauguration: 10 May 2022 at 12:15pm with visit followed by a cocktail reception

Through an original immersive exhibition design, the public is invited to understand the individual and collective mechanisms that lead to rejecting “others” and become aware of discriminations in French society today. It opens doors to understanding, encouraging us to shift our personal reflection to deconstruct prejudices that may sometimes prevail.


Le Muséum de Bordeaux- sciences et nature propose une nouvelle exposition intitulée Collectionner la nature ?

24 november 2021 - 4 september 2022

Why collect? Which nature? Who are the collectors? Why and for whom? Do we collect to dominate the natural world? Or to learn about it and preserve it?

Museum collections are the result of many different personal and collective choices. However, the way Western societies view nature is changing. The quest for completeness is an unachievable goal, and the desire for accumulation for its own sake can no longer be an objective. When public collections acquire samples and specimens, they take these new contexts into account.

L'exposition photographique de Fabrice Monteiro The Prophecy

From 5 february to 29 may 2022

These large-format photographs allow us to see the specimens in great detail. They are the result of extensive work taking photographs in a studio, and several dozen photos being merged together to achieve detail of this quality.
This exhibition gives us the opportunity to have an alternative view and smoothly focus in on the collections, which are occasionally a challenge to showcase.

Sur les traces de Rosa Bonheur au Muséum de Bordeaux

From 02 July to 28 August
Every day, from 2pm to 6pm

This summer, visit the Museum of Bordeaux – Sciences and Nature collections to discover and look at the animals which inspired Rosa Bonheur, a famous artist whose bicentenary is being celebrated this year.

If you like, enjoy letting our educators guide you and take the time to sketch some of the specimens that were the painter’s emblematic subjects.

Grab your pencils!

Specimens from the Museum can also be found in the Rosa Bonheur exhibition at the Fine Arts Museum from 18 May to 18 September 2022.

The Museum of Bordeaux - Science and nature offer to discover squirrels

Self-guided visit

At the Museum of Bordeaux, the red squirrel is everywhere you look!

It is there to explain reproduction in mammals, the diversity of species, terrestrial habitats and wildlife in our different regions. You’ll spot the red squirrel the most in the area about classifying living organisms.

You’ll get to know everything there is to know wherever you see this well-known garden animal around the Museum of Bordeaux.

So set off in search of squirrels around the museum and remember our educators are always on hand to answer your questions!