Les Rendez-vous du Muséum

Le Muséum de Bordeaux propose l'exposition Girafawaland dans sa salle d'exposition temporaire

From July 4 to October 31, 2020

Girafawaland is an exhibition where fact and fiction are constantly playing hide and seek. A surrealist, poetic, critical and tongue-in-cheek parable of colonialism, this exhibition explores with humour our relationship with the other and with nature.

It is in West Africa, and more precisely in the country that soon became known as Girafawaland, that the peaceful Girafawaras people lived in total symbiosis with nature and enjoyed a close and mysterious bond with the many giraffes that populated the area.

The Museum of Bordeaux – Science and nature propose workshops for Early Years.

From 13 June 2020 to 30 August 2020
From 10:30am to 4:00pm

This summer, the ‘All the babies’ exhibition is moving from the Early Year Museum to the Museum of Bordeaux forecourt, as a programme of special events.

For visitors under 6 accompanied by a parent there is no need to book but places are subject to availability.

The Museum of Bordeaux - Science and nature offer to discover squirrels

Self-guided visit

At the Museum of Bordeaux, the red squirrel is everywhere you look!

It is there to explain reproduction in mammals, the diversity of species, terrestrial habitats and wildlife in our different regions. You’ll spot the red squirrel the most in the area about classifying living organisms.

You’ll get to know everything there is to know wherever you see this well-known garden animal around the Museum of Bordeaux.

So set off in search of squirrels around the museum and remember our educators are always on hand to answer your questions!

Découvrez l'exposition de Dieudonné Sana Wambeti au Muséum de Bordeaux - sciences et nature

From February 4 to  September 20, 2020

Inspired by the luxuriant vegetation of his homeland as well as the perils it faces caused by humankind, Wambeti’s paintings translate his dreamlike and ethical visions of his environment. Dieudonné Sana Wambeti especially appreciates the forest wildlife and rich minerals of his native country, but is profoundly concerned by the dangers posed by humans who pillage natural resources through the act of intensive deforestation.