Lost in space

Nous et les autres, des préjugés au racisme
Perdus dans l'espace
Collectionner la nature ?
Tous les bébés
Mange-moi, si tu peux !
Littoral aquitain
La nature vue par les Hommes
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General public

Patrick Buschhorn’s still lifes are stripped of their habitat, weightless for eternity, frozen in the intense black of space-time, reminding us of how fragile their life is on earth more than ever. They come to life a final time under the photographer’s lens, in a setting with theatrical semi-dark lighting that is as captivating as it is intriguing.

These large-format photographs allow us to see the specimens in great detail. They are the result of extensive work taking photographs in a studio, and several dozen photos being merged together to achieve detail of this quality.
This exhibition gives us the opportunity to have an alternative view and smoothly focus in on the collections, which are occasionally a challenge to showcase.

Patrick Buschhorn is a photographer and biologist who graduated from Georg-August University in Göttingen, Germany. He has always learnt to admire and develop his fascination for nature’s artistic creations. While he was studying biology, photography cemented the admiration he had for this as a young boy.