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The device The Museum comes to you, created by the Museum of natural history of Bordeaux – Science and nature propose an animation about meteorology. Discover these workshops but also exhibitions of the Museum of Bordeaux – Science nature.

Primary from Year 2 to Year 6

If there is one subject of conversation that is on everyone’s lips whatever the time of day, it’s the weather. It is omnipresent, its condition physically manifested in rain, clouds, wind, temperature variations and other elements. It also exerts a powerful sway over the behaviour of humans and animals.

Weather has always been a puzzle to solve for specialists who attempt, with better results today than ever before, to forecast its mood swings. It is also affected by the global changes taking place on our planet.

The weather is at a crossroads where society and environment meet, even more so today at a time when humanity, and the entire biosphere, is facing more and more extreme meteorological and climate conditions with quite potentially devastating consequences.

It seems opportune then, or even essential, to give this subject its due attention and give children the information they need to understand the world around them and, through this, help shape them into the citizens of tomorrow.

Even if children are familiar with weather maps, do they really understand them?
How are clouds formed? What is a cumulus? What is a hailstone made of? Does air have mass? How is wind strength measured? This workshop will answer these questions and many others.

Workshop aims:

  • Understand weather maps, different weather elements and relate them to specific measuring instruments
  • Observe and discuss the nature of clouds and understand their formation in connection with the natural water cycle
  • Delve deeper into the subject of the different states water passes through
  • Practise observation, asking questions, experimentation and reasoning

During the workshop, the facilitator will use a slideshow and other specially devised learning resources (experiments, cloud game, wind machine and more) to present the subject.

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The Museum comes to you is a device of the Museum of Bordeaux – Science and nature. Workshops and exhibitions linked to natural history invite visitors to reflect upon the respect of biodiversity and the place of men in nature.
Primary from Year 2 to Year 6