Birds, champions of diversity

Target audience
Senior visitors
The Museum of Bordeaux, withe his device The Museum comes to you, propose off-site workshops about topics linked to natural history, sciences and animals. The scientific mediator go to meet his public all around the metropole of Bordeaux and Gironde to presente specimens naturalized and objects of collections of the museum of Bordeaux.

Workshops and activities for senior visitors

Why don't all bird legs look the same? Why do some birds have a long, narrow beak while others have a short, thick one? Why are the neck and wings such important characteristics for a bird? Does birdsong mean anything? Just some of the many questions that may pop into your mind when observing our feathered friends when walking outside or simply looking through a window.  

The ultimate symbol of freedom that exist in an array of sizes, shapes and colours, birds are the stuff of dreams. The facilitator will help participants discover the rich diversity that exists in the bird world and put some of their mysteries under the microscope.

Birds occupy every kind of habitat on our planet. In fact, birds have adapted to extremely varied living conditions in air, on land and in water. The diverse forms of their beak and legs provide evidence of this. Their relationships with their environment, their social behaviour and means of communication are just some of the fascinating subjects ready to give up their surprises and mysteries. A range of different specimens will demonstrate their diversity. Participants will listen to different birds singing, a fun and interactive way to close the session.

Workshop aims:

  • Form social bonds and boost cognitive skills
  • Stimulate the memory and senses
  • Present the diversity and adaptative traits of different species according to their lifestyle
  • Present stuffed specimens

During the workshop, the facilitator will present a range of stuffed specimens from the museum collections (tit, duck, kite, seagull, starling) as well as eggs, skulls and feathers. Take part in a listening game specially devised for the workshop.

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The device the Museum comes to you created by the Museum of natural history of Bordeaux – Science and nature propose animations about birds. Discover these worshops but also exhibitions of the Museum of Bordeaux – Science and nature.
Workshops and activities for senior visitors