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Consulting collections

Within its collections, the Museum of Bordeaux conserves numerous reference specimens – the perfect examples – that served to describe numerous species like New-Caledonia shells (Montrouzier and Lambert collections) or fossils from Aquitaine (Delfortrie and Degrange-Touzin collections), but also many specimens rich with their date or collection information, important archives for knowledge of biodiversity.

These specimens can be consulted as part of research works. According to cases and needs, photos can be taken. Likewise, a consultation on site or even a loan of specimens can be organised.

For any information about the specimens or any other specimen research that may be found in the museum of Bordeaux collections, you can contact us at the following address:


The Museum of Bordeaux library

The scientific library of the Museum of Bordeaux is open to researchers and located in the administrative building in the public garden. 

To make an appointment, email:

Volunteers from the Amuséum association look after this scientific library.