Jāṅgala, at the heart of the Indian jungle

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Jangala, au cœur de la jungle indienne
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exposition Jangala, au cœur de la jungle indienne au muséum de Bordeaux sciences et nature

The Natural History Museum of Bordeaux – Science and Nature invites you on a journey to India, to discover its jungle and the ecosystems that surround it.

Do we really know what a jungle is?

Contrary to what we might expect, the Sanskrit term “jāṅgala” mainly designates rugged and arid terrain. The term jungle was popularised, taking on its meaning of lush forest, through Rudyard Kipling’s short stories in The Jungle Bookpublished in 1894.

Thanks to an immersive and recreational setting, you will discover animal species dependent on a diverse range of rich and sometimes very abundant ecosystems. Some emblematic species of Kipling’s work will accompany visitors through the four natural environments presented: arid plains, forest edges, humid tropical forest and the foothills of the vast Himalayan range.

For children, a route will focus on the animal species appearing in The Jungle Book, accompanied by a quote taken from the work. Another route will focus on insects, allowing visitors to come and observe them very closely.

The exhibition is designed to be as inclusive as possible: it will awaken all the visitors’ senses through devices along the visit route, appealing of course to sight, but also to touch, hearing and even smell. Excitement guaranteed!


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