Climate change and biodiversity

Target audience
Young visitors
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Years 7 to 10

Biodiversity depends to a large degree on the diversity of climates, to which any alteration can have significant consequences on flora and fauna.

The Earth is currently going through a major climate change. Global warming exacerbated by human activity is making gradual changes to every natural environment. Biodiversity is under threat in the short and long term.

With reference to specimens and documents provided, pupils will lead an investigation into a variety of familiar animals to get to grips with and explain the evolution of the related populations. The fox, sea turtle, puffin, polar bear and alligator are the species studied in this workshop.

In groups, the pupils will prepare arguments to support their findings and give a presentation to the other groups at the end of the session. The facilitator will then draw some conclusions with the participants.

Workshop aims:

  • Understand the effects of climate change on the development of animal populations
  • Propose a theory
  • Use diagrams, text, maps and photos to develop and argue a theory
  • Work in a group, cooperate and develop oral expression

During the workshop, the facilitator will use specimens from the Museum of Bordeaux collections along with a slideshow, maps, photos, texts and diagrams.

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The workshop about climate change is devoted to children. The Museum comes to you is a device which propose off-site workshops adapted to all ages. Children can also come in the museum of natural history of Bordeaux to discover exhibitions about nature and animals.
Years 7 to 10