Target audience
Young visitors
The Museum of Bordeaux – Science and nature, with the device the Museum comes to you, propose off-site worshops about topics linked to natural history, sciences and animals. The scientific mediator got to meet his public of the metropole of Bordeaux and of the Gironde to present specimens naturalized an objetcs of collections of the museum of Bordeaux.

Years 7 to 10

The last remaining carnivores living in France, bears have always held a fascination for humans. This workshop approaches different aspects of the animal by studying the bear’s biology (diet, hibernation, etc.). Discussing the threat to the survival of various bear species is a chance to explore the subjects of the environment and how we can protect it. Following a general presentation by the facilitator, the pupils will work in groups on different aspects of the bear's biology or evolution.

The workshop will explore the subject from four main perspectives.
An evolutionary perspective, presented through ancient bear fossils with a particular look at the development of the cave bear.
A biological perspective, with a systematic approach (the Ursidae family within the Carnivora order); a geographic presentation (bears around the world) to explore physiological and ethological data, plus a presentation illustrated by a dozen stuffed specimens, two mounted skeletons, skulls, footprints – and even droppings! An ethnographic perspective, exploring relationships between humans and the animal over time.
An ecological perspective, discussing the problem of protecting big predator species and their chances of reintegration in environments largely populated by humans.

Workshop aims:

  • Describe and know the bear’s morphology
  • Understand its place in the Carnivora order
  • Learn about its diet, reproduction and behaviour
  • Learn about the diversity of bear species and their geographic distribution
  • Discover its place in nature and identify the possible implications of population decline and reintroduction

During the workshop, the facilitator will present a slideshow and a selection from the Museum of Bordeaux collections including a stuffed black bear, skulls and footprint casts. Children will also get to work with learning resources specially devised or assembled for the session.


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The scientific talk which is the placeof men in nature or the nature as seen by humans match very well with the off-site workshop propose by the device Museum comes to you. This animation spotlight the big mammal which is the bear and the similarity with us. The scientific mediator do the link with exhibitions of the Museum of Bordeaux – Science and nature.
Years 7 to 10