Butterflies, insects among so many others

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Off site workshops of the device The Museum comes to you, propose to discover topics linked to animals and nature. The Museum of natural history of Bordeaux – Science and nature invite you also to discover his exhibitions and in situ offers about the place of men in nature and the nature as seen by humans.

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When people are asked to call out the names of animals, inevitably mammals will get a big mention and perhaps a bird or two. Insects rarely get a look in. And yet with over 1.3 million species identified to date, insects represent a vast and often unexpected wealth of biodiversity. They occupy every continent and live on land as well as in the sea. And not all species have yet been discovered: the total number of insect species is estimated to be 10 million worldwide. In France alone, only 35,000 insect species have been counted and we know very little about them all.

A source of wonder as well as phobias, insects inspire a range of reactions, from fright to fascination. If there is one insect group that has earned our sympathy, it’s butterflies. Graceful and colourful, they are perhaps the best known insect.

They belong to the Lepidoptera order of insects and are divided into two categories: Rhopalocera (day-flying butterflies) and Heterocera (moths). A butterfly has two pairs of wings covered in colourful scales that form magnificent patterns. The beautiful shapes, colours and patterns of their wings actually act as a form of defence allowing them to hide from or surprise predators.

We will take the time to learn more about them and observe them closer than you've ever done before!

Workshop aims:

  • Gather together with a facilitator to foster social bonds
  • Stimulate the senses and the memory
  • Present the diversity of the insect world and butterflies in particular by observing specimens from the museum collections
  • Learn to recognise a selection of insects and class them in the correct family
  • Strengthen the participative dimension by sharing memories between participants

During the workshop, the facilitator will present a selection of insect displays from the Museum of Bordeaux collections. The workshop will also feature a slideshow and audio quiz.

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The device The Museum comes to you created by the Museum of natural history of Bordeaux – Science and nature propose animations about butterflies. Discover these worshops but also exhibitions of the Museum of Bordeaux – Science and nature.
Workshops and activities for senior visitors