Spotting animal traces

Target audience
Young visitors
The Museum of Bordeaux, with his device The Museum comes to you, propose off-site workshops about topics linked to natural history, sciences and animals. The scientific mediator move around all the metropole of Bordeaux and Gironde to presente specimens naturalized and objects from collections of the museum of Bordeaux.

Year 7

It’s not always easy to observe animals in the wild. A successful spot requires a fair amount of patience. Most animals are shy and discreet, flee when humans approach, lurk in the bushes or only come out at night...

However, if you're ever out walking in the countryside or forest, or even in town or your garden, there are often traces or clues indicating that an animal has passed through, such as footprints, tracks, droppings, spider webs, nests, feathers, leftover meals, bones and other signs.

As if taking a stroll through the countryside, the children will move across the board, discovering along the way a multitude of traces indicating the presence or passage of animals that they will attempt to identify. The participants will be assisted by the facilitator and a specially devised nature guide. At the end of the workshop, they will be ready to observe traces of animals all around them and understand how they live.

Twenty-five animals have left one or more traces in the 48 holes on the game board. The various visible tacks on the game board include casts of droppings and footprints, feathers, shells, gnawed pine cones, eggs, photos of burrows and more.

Workshop aims:

  • Learn to spot animal traces in the wild
  • Make theories based on the clues found
  • Use a nature guide
  • Better understand the lifestyle of some animals in France
  • Learn about the concept of ecological balance

This workshop revolves around a large game board and specially devised guides. The observable traces and clues in the activity relate to specimens in the museum’s permanent collections.

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Year 7