Collections held in trust

L'université de Bordeaux a fait un dépôt de la collection Gay au Muséum d'Histoire naturelle de Bordeaux - sciences et nature

Holding in trust is related to a loan-term loan, of one or several specimens, according to terms set out in an agreement, between two institutions or with a natural person.

The entrusting be carried out for various reasons:

  • Exhibitions
  • Studies
  • Management when the entrusting party does not have the resources required

Currently two collections belonging to Bordeaux University are held in trust at the Museum of Bordeaux, one of mineralogy and lithology (R. Gay collection) and the other of specimens in jars, mainly made up of reptiles and fish.

Conversely, specimens from the Museum of Bordeaux collections are on held in trust at other institutions.
Shells and fish teeth are held in trust to be displayed at the Saucats-La Brède Natural Geological Reserve and fish otoliths – ossicles from the ear – are held in trust for studying at the Belgian Royal Institute of Natural Sciences in Brussels.