La nature rêvée de Catherine Bouyx
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Exposition de l'Ecole de communication Visuelle. (Ré)création.

This year, students from the School of Visual Communication (ECV) came to discover the Museum of Bordeaux in all its aspects: the museum route, the scientific exhibition, the collections and coordination.

The museum’s objective is to meet creative young people and to allow them to freely translate their vision of the establishment in order to address their generation through a visual and innovative concept.

This partnership gave students the opportunity to build a project in a professional situation. After a visit and a creative brief, four teams were formed and each one had the task of creating two graphic proposals. The students, who had free rein, were thus able to contribute their perspective and their interpretation of the place before proposing original creations.

In this exhibition you can discover the creative process, from the moodboard to the final result.